Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Ritual of Archaeologists

A Ritual of Archaeologists (in a crew bus)
Some time ago I started planning (planning as usual not doing!) a project sort of called "(COLLECTIVE) NOUNS FOR ARCHAEOLOGY". This involved coming up with a relevant noun (collective noun I'm told by my daughter), then the quick little sketch/box. Returning to the project a year further on, now as a resting/retired archaeologist, I find I like the little thumb nail sketches. Therefore I think I'm going to "run" with them and post one a week for a little while at least. A "ritual of archaeologists" I first thought of about 20 years ago as an undergraduate, that's some long time in the planning stage!
"Ritual" in archaeology applies to religion and belief systems. Therefore whenever an archaeologist has something inexplicable or that they do not understand they term it "ritual". So you can have ritual practices, objects, spaces, landscapes, etc. It's a very serious concept that in "the field" can also be used very flippantly. Ergo "a ritual of archaeologists"; in a crew bus as I'm pretty crap at sketching people ( so that's another area to add to my list of 'requires work/practise')


  1. Archaeology intrigues me. Of course, it's all romanticized in my head by Hollywood; but I still find it fascinating. I think I'll like this little series. And that's a nice little thumbnail sketch of the bus. Adding people wouldn't be too difficult in this situation, since the inside of the van would be in shadow. Everyone's heads would be general shapes, maybe even just small darkened ovals. No details necessary. Look forward to more!

  2. ha ha I love collective nouns and a ritual of archaeologists sounds just right. Great start with the bus.