Friday, 25 June 2010

Future Potential?

This is a drawing of an abandoned croft a couple of miles down the road from where we live. There are many such scattered across the Orcadian landscape, generally Orcadians prefer to build anew rather than do up (more room and facilities presumably). So often you can see a new house next to a ruinous stone building (for storage) next to a complete ruin or pile of stones, as every few generations a new building is constructed. Occasionally the old crofts are being done up or as is happening not far from this croft an old building is being incorporated into the new build - which is nice to see. This practise dates back to at least Viking times, I worked on a site on Westray where 3 Viking farms had each been built next to the proceeding one (mere feet apart) leading perpendicularly inland from the beach, over time.

This drawing was done this week as part of some design work for a business project that Sue (my wife) and I have, but proved unsuitable so I present it for you here...

Staedler 0.3 and 0.1 disposable pens in A4 sketch pad, original scan approx 8"x5"


  1. To know the history and stories these old stones have seen would be fascinating.

  2. Love this sketch Ovson and a very informative post.

  3. Wonderful sketch and I love your subject. Love these old ruins!

  4. Terrific sketch. Enjoyed the history that goes along with the drawing.