Monday, 14 June 2010

A Change of Direction?

Not much of a sketch, but covering for a colleague means 42+ hours this week. So that's either no time or no energy, take your pick. Meanwhile I have an application in for a "proper" job as a Road Services Technician, and no that's not laying down tarmac but surveying and mapping the roads and their associated "furniture", mostly road traffic signs. It's not archaeology but it is, however, surveying, one of my favorite occupations. So whilst I wait to hear about the short listing and call to interview it could be "Smiley Face" or "Not".
Oddly enough on Orkney they call this process "short leating". In my experience a "leat" is like a mill race where the water runs from the damn towards the mill wheel. Therefore at the moment I'm either treading water in the damn or shooting down the 'race' towards the mill wheel -interesting, I wait to hear.....

Oh yeah, the highlighter didn't show very well so the image had colour added on the computer.


  1. What a delightful blog you started. Nice to hear what life in Scotland is like from your point of view also (not just the Frog's!). Welcome back to EDM - I don't think I was involved in the group when you were way back when.

  2. I commented on your comment on my site--thanks for the visit