Friday, 23 December 2011

Thinking of Warmer Climes

As the gales blow outside and the rain, sleet, and hail come bouncing down I am staying indoors and thinking about warmer times and places.  This was started by tidying the study and finding a copy of a photo taken in June 2009 that I printed off but never actual used for drawing or painting. So I decided now was the time for a picture with a bit of warmth in it; not something I'd find on Orkney at this time of year unless I was drawing the fire in the lounge.

 It's not my usual pen and ink (ie drafting pen) but you try and get warmth into a pen sketch (now there's a challenge!).  Scanning has washed the colours out a bit.

In 2009 I attended a (sort of) training course in Archaeological Geophysics at CNR (National Research Council) just outside Rome.  I stayed in a very nice hilltop town just outside Rome and a few miles short of CNR called Monterotondo. I enjoyed the course and met some really wonderful Italian students and academics; and ate some fantastic food!

 At the end of the course, about 10 days, I was able to get a couple of days in Rome.  I spent much of my time just wandering around with only the vaguest idea of where I was or what it was I was seeing, though this was intentional.  As a result I have no idea where the stepped passageway was or what it might be called.  The wandering and being on my own meant that I had time to sketch anything that caught my fancy.

I did of course visit the more famous sites, including my absolute favourite the Pantheon where I had a play with my, then, new camera...

 However, I digress,  The painting is to wish everyone a warm and happy Christmas, no matter what the weather is doing, and the same for the new year!


  1. Happy New year.

    Thanks for sharing your Rome experience

  2. Happy new year to you too, Sue.

  3. Ohh, I love to wander too! I was once locked inside a residential neighborhood in Rome by accident, when the automated gates shut behind me! Had to jump a wall to get out!